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Equiteox International LP
Limited Liability Partnership
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London, WC2H 9JQ
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Equiteox Ventures Ltd
Limited Liability Company
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United Kingdom

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Equiteox Operations Doo
Limited Liability Company
BW, Tower A, Floor 9th, Apt. 6
Hercegovačka 14a, Savski Venac
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


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Stakeholder Engagement

Equiteox generally defines stakeholders as those people or groups who significantly affect or may be affected by, its business activities.

Equiteox believes that excellence in stakeholder engagement helps deliver value and ensures it does so socially and environmentally responsibly.

Equiteox uses two-way communication processes with stakeholders to reach betterquality business decisions.

Equiteox strives to engage stakeholders early and often. Engaging with stakeholders means listening, providing accurate information, and responding to stakeholder interests promptly and consistently.

Equiteox’s four core values of Integrity, Collaboration, Responsibility and Innovation are at the heart of our commitment to stakeholder engagement.

These values guide Equiteox in its interactions with its stakeholders.

The following principles are used as a filter to test and align engagement activities:

  • Equiteox identifies and considers the perspectives of its stakeholders;
  • Equiteox is visible, present, and approachable in the community;
  • Equiteox recognizes that diverse thoughts, opinions, and experiences contribute to better decisions and outcomes;
  • Equiteox takes ownership and accountability for its decisions and outcomes;
  • Equiteox tracks, measures, and reports on its performance to learn and improve;
  • Equiteox encourages reporting suspected non-compliance and hazards, potential hazards, and near-hit incidents;
  • Equiteox takes every report seriously, investigates to identify facts, and ensures immunity for the good-faith reporting of such concerns.